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How Become A Freelancer Step By Step With Freelancer Sites

Can you earn money online as freelancer

If we say that you can earn money from your home. You may believe it? Yes this is right that you can earn money from your home without any investment. There are many ways in which you can earn money from your home like become a youtuber, blogger, affiliate marketer, become freelancer and many more.

In youtuber you make video on a particular niche (topic) and people watch this. You can earn money by monetize your video by Google adsense. After monetization YouTube show ads on your video and pay money you for it. for monetization you have 1000 subscriber and 4000 watch time after this you can simply monetize you YouTube cannel.

But here we know full details about freelancer

What is freelancer?

A freelancer is a self-employed person who offers their service (like content writing, web development,digital marketing) to the clients and for it takes payment.

A freelancer works on several projects for multiple clients at same time. A freelancer takes payment as hourly, daily or project basis.

What is Freelancing Meaning?

Freelancing is means a person who do works for their clients and take payment for it. For better knowledge a person has knowledge about web development and he develops a website for a business or client and for it takes payment. This person work freelancing. In freelancing you do works for many clients business at same time, here you have no boundary to you do work for one company

Why you become a freelancer

 In case you start your journey in digital .so you have best choice is become a freelancer this is due to anyone don’t want to invest more money in this field at starting. Freelancer means a person have specialized skill in a particular field, person offer this skill to another and take payment for this.

In freelancer field you have many work choice option for work like content writing.web development, android app development SEO and a lot. You select anyone in this and offer this work to your client and take payment for it.

You can learn an important thing is how to deal with clients.

Requirement for freelancer


 skill is main thing that is you offer to your clients.


If you want to do simple works like content writing ghost writing, then you have an phone but you want to do other work like web development, video editing than you have a laptop or computer

3.time:- you have time to deal with your client and do work for your client. Time for learn new skill.

How much a freelancer can earn in India?

According to the digital payment platform PayPal, 23% of Indian freelancers earn up 60 lakh per year, 23% of Indian freelancer earn in range 2.5-5 lakh and 54% of Indian freelancer earn range is 2.5 lakh and below.

this data convert in month so 23% of Indian freelancer earn upto 5 lakh per month,23% of Indian freelancer earning range is 21-42 thousand per month and other 54 % of Indian freelancer earning range is  21 thousand per month.

Is freelancing is career?

Now day’s companies have many small projects that are complete in 3-6 months or in 1 year. But in there company have no employs for this project due to many reason like this project required other skill but no skill in any employ. Now company wants to hire an employes that complete this project but this is no easy because a employer don’t want to take job for 3 – 6 months or 1 years.

Now company have one of the best option is hire a freelancer. How complete this work for them from home. And give payment to the freelancer after completing project or work. Benefit of company is company doesn’t waste money in hiring, giving facility, work place provides.

According to a research 55% company interested in hiring freelancer as compare to employs this is due to company save money, time and other many facility.

So the demand of the freelancer is increase per year as compare to regular employer. The freelancing is a career a part time or full time.

Best freelancer website / sites



This is most popular freelancer website. On upwork around 1 million clients comes and hire freelancer. This website is very old. This website is found in……….

For become a freelancer on this website you summit you portfolio and take approval. But this is not easy this website don’t take approval ask to you your identity and personal information as well as call you to conform your identity.

For get project you bid clients project and for this you pay money to upwork for bid.

So on this website not is easy to take approval to new freelancer. And you have some amount of money for bid.



This is popular freelancer website in India. This free website works in different way to the other freelancer websites. For hire a client you don’t need to send purposale.

You should add your charge, work and time period on the profile. In fiverr client search (like SEO) than freelancer’s profile show.

For show on first page you should need to optimize your profile for rank. Than clients directly offers project.

But the problem on fiverr is ranking on the fiverr. Most of the older freelancer rank already on first page on specific keyword. For new freelancer fiverr is not easy.


Freelancer is also most popular freelancer website. On freelancer.com most of freelancer work on this website. This is global website. These website run/work around 190 countries. Here the most freelancers from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

But here is one problem that is here more freelancer available due to this a new freelancer bid on the project the chance to get project is low.


This is also popular freelancer website. This website also knows the name pph. Here the freelancer rate is low as well as the client rate is also low. But here the range of purposole is 20-25 per project on the most saturated project. If you want to work on those field where freelancer low but client high than this is best freelancer website.

The one of the best thing on people per hour is the freelancer website recommend the new freelancer and you don’t need to pay for bid.

If one time pph recommend you than the chance of getting job/project is increase.

If new freelancer summit his portfolio the approval is get in 1-2 day(s)



Guru is also popular freelancer website. Guru is similar to the fiverr as well as other freelancer websites. A freelancer needs to rank for get projects and freelancer can get project by summit his/her perposole on the project.

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