How to start blogging in 2020 and earn 4000$ per month

How To Start A Blogging In 2020
How To Start A Blogging In 2020

Blogging has never been easier, you have to gather a lot of knowledge to How To Start A Blogging In 2020 and write blogs. You can spread the information on blogs to others. Blogs are very easy to write; just you should have a lot of knowledge about your topic on which you are going to write the blog.

Because there are many people who will read your blogs, therefore it is necessary to have good and accurate information in your blog.

What is Blogging?

By blogging, you convey your information to others; you must have a good topic for blogging. Your topics should be such that people would like to read them and not feel like a bore.

While blogging, you have to write it in such a way that it is not a post in the eyes of the reader, but he should feel that you are saying your thing in front of him.

How to start a blogging in 2020

How to start a blogging in 2020, you have to follow some of the given steps, with the help of which you can buy your own website and start blogging.

Step 1. Selecting the right CMS

CMS or content management is a blogging platform where you will go to insert all your files, in this, you will get many options like Joomla, Blog-spot, Word press, Drupal. Although you have a lot of options available I believe that Word Press is the best for your files. Because Word Press you get without any money it is free.

How to start a blogging in 2020
How to start a blogging in 2020

In Word Press it is very easy for you to design blogs and understand its dashboard, On Word Press, you get more than 5000+ free and open discounts for designing any kind of your website under a paid-up theme. In Word Press, it has introduced more than 70,000 free plugins to make your blog running fast and easy. After all, there is an entire Word Press community that can help you with anything when setting up a blog. Included in their own Word Press forum. So, I would recommend you to create your blog on word press CMS.

Step2. Buy a Domain

First of all; you have to buy a domain, which relates to your topic. For example, if you want to tell people in your blogs how to do business, or how to earn money. This means that if you want to write the topic which is related to make money in your blog.

then you have to buy a business/earning related name domain for your website. As I write a related topic from the business, so I had to buy the domain related to it, so that people can know which topic I cover in my blogs.

Which site is best to buy a domain?

I bought my domain from GoDaddy because GoDaddy’s service is very good for buying a domain. I’ll suggest to all to buy a domain for your website from GoDaddy because their domains are not very costly, you can buy it at an affordable price. And their customer services are also very good, so you cannot face any problem related to the domain.

While buying the domain for your website, also try that you buy only domains with .com, because domains with .com continue to be searched all over the world. But if you do not get domains with .com then try to buy .in,.org, .co. In, domains for the website.

Step 3. Hosting

You have purchased the domain and have also used Word Press for it, but beyond that, you will call your blog as host, for this you will need a hoster. A hosting provider is one that collects everything from your blogs such as text files, cms files, images you have created videos, etc. in one place and makes it available to the world properly.

Therefore, you need a hosting provider to use your domain name and to use it properly and easily all over the world. But the biggest question is which hosting you buy and from which site. I used Hostinger to buy hosting for my website. Hostinger provides you with the best hosts. So, I will say you to buy your hosts from the Hostinger. It has amazing customer service, you are going to face any problem in the future.

Step 4. Setting the Word Press is open-source software for you after purchasing domain and hosting, through which anyone can build a website without coding knowledge and it can run well.

Most blogs are created by Word Press, you get many offers in Word Press if you want a very good offer, and you can go to hostinger and buy a good Word Press theme for yourself.

To make things clear and simple for new bloggers I will define all steps in points.

  1.  go on the website of Bluehost from here.
  2. Click on the (get started) button and become the family of Bluehost.
  3.  now you are redirected on the hosting plan page of Bluehost, there are lots of offers for you. you have to lots of options for hosting services then you will have to choose your plan (basic, plus or choice plus.)
  4. If you are plan to become a regular blogger in the future then try to buy the (plus plan) because it helps you in the future by giving you the advantage that you do not have to pay for the multiple blogs you can do all in that plan for free.

then read the features of all hosting and then select anyone.  which is right for you.

5.  then after a new page will open on your screen where you will have to paste your domain. and if you do not have the domain then they will provide a free domain to you.

and if have no idea at that time for the domain you can select the option I give the domain name latter.

Until then, Bluehost will set up your blog on a temp domain. As soon as you decide your domain later, it will be added to your blog. Here I chose my domain name

6. On the next page, you have to add account information. Enter your name, address, and other details. Choose 12 months in ‘Account Plan‘. You also get free SSL along with the free domain. SSL makes your site https. It’s good for Google search traffic.

Your Total price will be $60 after you remove extras. in extra, the blue host will provide you the security, privacy security, hacking security. etc

7.  then after you will have to proceed with the payment by Paypal account or by debit card, credit card, visa pay. etc they will give you lots of payment options.

8.    then after the message will come on your Gmail that your payment was successfully done. then click on ‘Create Account‘.

9. then after on the next page, you have to create your password for the Bluehost account. always try to create a mixed numbers password or strong password for your security.

10.  after that you can see the ‘go-to login‘ button on-screen. login from there.

11. then after a new page will open on your screen on which you have to write your Gmail and your Bluehost password and click on  ‘Login

12. the new page will open on your screen where you will need to set up your blog, then after enter your blog name and tagline. then after you have to enable the setting of (do you want a blog)? then after the next option will come (display blog post on) select “ my home page   and continue it.

13.  then after a new page will appear on your screen which asks “more about you” what were your goals? then select your goals? and continue.

14. then after a new page will appear where he asks you to choose a theme that you like on your blogs. those all themes are free of cost you should not have to pay for that. chose your favorite theme you want?

15.   then after on the next page, your blog will not setup as a permanent domain it is a temporary setup, after for 3-4 hours your actual domain will be setup. Bluehost will recommend you some of the settings can tick what you want. Then click on the blue color ‘WordPress‘ button.

16. then after you will operate your website on WordPress as admin panel by your id and password?

conclusion of How to start a blogging

at last, I only want to say to all if you want to earn from blogging then you will have to give your time to it then after you will earn money from blogging. all the above sites I suggest you buy a domain, hosting, cms, etc are trusted sites you can easily shop your product for your blogging career. you can earn more and more from blogging you only need to do for that is trying to give real and interesting topics to the users. because the most important part of blogging is user satisfaction. thanks.



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