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Job vs business which is best for your career and life

Nowadays most people are confused to select any Career option and mostly they are not clear whether to go for Job vs Business, so here we’ll look in deep about all the factors related to “JOB vs BUSINESS?

As we know that in the modern era how much money matters. Money is like oxygen, Without it, we can’t survive also in the world where human wants are never fulfilled. How much money we are going to earn is totally depend upon some factor like how we are giving the services, what skills we have etc. Money makes you self-dependent which means that you are no more dependent on anyone but can fulfill your life’s desires on your own.

Everyone has the right to earn money so in our society, we can say that there is a rule to earn money which is Money= Service.

We all know very well, how money is important in one’s life. Now question the arises there are how many ways to earn money, frankly speaking, there are a lot of ways to earn money but broadly there are 2 main categories which are Business and jobs…

So if there are two categories then which is one better?

 If we want to find out the best option so it is important to understand the all option. We are going to see all prespective of Business & Jobs.

Now let us take a look what is the two term stand for ( Business vs job) :-

In Jobs we have to do a work for other in exchange for our service  they paid to us money in the form of Salary and wages…( Salary is given on a fixed particular period where as wages is given for temporary work.)

Whereas, Business is the activity of making one’s living or making money by producing or buying and selling products (such as goods and services) In Business we have to sell a product with a help of a whole team ( partners, employer etc)

There a lot factor is going to tell us which one is better job or business. So Here we go…


There is no limit on how much and how fast you will earn as a business owner. Business is like an ocean where we get uncountable fish in the form of money but it totally depend upon the fisherman which here I mean the Business owner. Earning money in business is totally depends on the owner’s skills, effort, leadership, etc

 If we talk about job so you can earn a good figure for the amount but it will be always limited. Salary is always minimum as a comparison to your work

Business is better than job.


In Jobs it will take year to climb the ladder to become the top executive or to become any position which is above with your respective position

It is also true that it will take years to establish a successful Business. But business is not about merely you it is about the whole company by as the owner it’s your duty to handle the problem which you will have to make a struggle, sacrifice, will power, stress and tension this all thing is ongoing process

Job is easier than business.


  In job there is no risk. The employer have to go in only one direction There is no such big risk in comparison to business. In job you have to give firstly the service and earn after the respective task and job

 In Business, the owner has to spend time on multiple learning as well as multiple tasks.  In a job, there is a choice to switch the job but in business, you cant switch it. In business firstly you have to invest money in the form of capital.

After that you have to start your work it is one of the reasons why the business has more risk as a comparison in the job.

Job has less risk than Business Freedom

If we talk about freedom in the job so you will be free in your extra time of 24*7, Holiday, the weekend you have to worry about yourself only not other.

While in business you will be not free in your initial stage of business the freedom of your choice is in your hand but you will not wish to be free because it will slow down your business. Once Business becomes successful you don’t have to think about your money problem.

Job is better than business Responsibility:

the Boss has way-way responsibility. They have to manage the organization, meeting with clients, expenses, and a thousand other things.

While in the job the employer has to follow the only order of the boss with honesty. They just have to fulfill their respective tasks.

Job has fewer responsibilities compared to Business owners.

� Learning:

� As we know that the job is all about limit.

In job you will learn something but a particular work which is going to be on going process and the employer will become master it is also known as Profession( who become professionally in some work)

In Business you have to learn from every aspect of life because have to deal with every field. It give you life lesson in every walk of life


  A successful business is much more than secure than a successful employee. However, as per the current statistic. Only 10% of the business are able to survive after 3 year of starting

Job is not secure so much if the organization get a skilled and hardworking person in comparison to you then you are going to lose your jobs This is the reason why employer always switch their job because deep down they have the feeling of insecurity


Business life will be more stressful in comparison to job. But it have also the plus point if your business will become successful there a lot of chance to become financially free

Job life is all about adjusting. You don’t have too much stress. Once you become adjusted with your salary and expenses you got the feeling of satisfaction

Job is stress free life in comparison to business

In the above paragraph we have discussed about the plus & minus point about Job vs Business

Now the question arise which is best for you?

It totally depends upon your abilities, hard work, persistence, and mindset. Everything has its own plus & minus. You can’t judge the fish with their ability to climb a tree. Everyone is unique. But it’s our responsibility to give you full information about your job and business. So, let’s take an example.

1. Abhishek is someone who likes meeting new people, exploring new thing, experimenting and learning new skills

2.  Satyam is someone who likes his comfort zone and is very calculative with the risk he tasks. He generally doesn’t experiment a lot and like the thing to be steady

Above Here are 2 example It is all about your interest

Take a time, ask with yourself what u like the most where u can give the best performance

A perfect solution if u are going to set your career..

In your starting year of career you can do a jobs it will give you learning, experience and money in the form of salary which you can save and use its after in the form of capital. Business must need amount of capital and job can help for this.

By doing the job in your initial stage of career and earn experience, money and be successful which is more better than investing the money from your personal income and failed due to a lack of experience 

What is going to the boom in future : Job or Business

According to statistic the number of owner is less than in comparison of employer. There is a lot of competition in job sector. In future there is need for startup. Due to excess of population no of jobs are decreasing day by day  


 In the end, Life is all about choices what you are doing that’s doesn’t matter instead of the way how you are doing that’s matters.

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