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job vs business which is best for you to chose your career

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Today many people confused between job vs business. After completing study a student comes in the confusion that he start a business or join a job.

You have to do a job or choose a business. Before that one has to understand the difference between a job and a business.

Here we describe job Vs business.

Job Vs business


A job means taking payment for doing something for anyone (company). Work in job is different for everyone. If anyone has high education and skill then he works on the high post. If anyone has low study and skill also then he does a low-quality job. On the basis of their job also matter their salary.

For getting a job or doing a job you need a specific skill. Specific skills required in almost all jobs.

A specific skill helps in getting a job and grow fast in job life. Specific skills give the advantage to get promotions in the company.

Advantage of job


In a job, you have no stress about the revenue of the company. You will get your payment at the end of the month.

You are required to do your specific work. There is no need to manage all the company.

You get all the steps to complete your work in the job.

In job, you get many people in the company. So you can reduce boredom.

In almost all jobs, you should not need a creative mindset.

In the government job, you get many benefits from government policy.

Disadvantage of job

Disadvantage of job

If you are doing the job in a private company they can backfire you any time without giving a valid reason.

In the job, you have to follow every instruction. In the job, you have no freedom.

Your hard work pays the company, not you. In some cases, you need to do more work as compared to normal.

In the job, you are not a king or boss. You are just like a servant.

If the company changes its policy you lose your job.

In some jobs, you can lose money those days when you are not doing work.



In my point business is best than job. If your age is between 20-30 (years). Business is the highest riskier than job. But you have good idea, plan then you can get your success in the job.

If you start your startup (business) then you have remember some points.

2. Your business adds value to your customer.
3. Your business has the possibility to scale.
4. Your business must available on digital platform.
5. You are able to take any decision in business.

Advantage of business

You have full access. You’re a king or owner of your business.

Business all performance goes to you.

You do the effort for yourself. If your business grows then only you can take its award.

You have no risk to lose your Post. In almost all business, no one can out you from your business.

Business all revenues go to in your pocket.

Your business can run without your presence. So you can take leave.

You have Independence to do anything in business. You can take leave and anything you want.

In business, you get a lot of learning opportunities. Every day you learn new things and apply its on your business.

Disadvantages of business

In business, the main risk is financial risk. The example you invest money in the business but your business not generate profit.

In start your business. You face many problems like, hire employees, setup, customer hire and some other.

In business, you get more stress than the job. This is due to business run under your instructions but in the job, you run by other instructions.

Customer feedback is good for business. But the problem is how the new business owner is able to keep his customer happy.

In business, many small and big problems come. But bad things are the new business owner has no idea. Examples legal rights, employee problems, etc.

job vs business

The choice of business or job is critical. Now I help you in simple way to choose a business or job.

A job is good for them especially those who have a good amount of education, they do not want to take the financial risk and not time to invest in business.

Business choice also becomes the wrong choice for those who want to earn fast.

In the job, you have only an education certificate and a skill. And the job is also a secure way to earn money without facing any financial risk. In almost all jobs you don’t need to upgrade your skill but in some jobs, you need to upgrade yourself fastly or slowly.

After graduates on average only 0.6% having actually started their own business and 4.7% of self-employed or freelance.

After that, all want a job. So that the demand of jobs is higher than the need of the employer. So this creates getting a job is so difficult.


Business is best for those how to have a creative mind and he/she able to take financial risk. In business you need a fast decision-making mind, you have a sufficient amount of time for business.

If you want to earn a lot of money then the business is the best to choose for you. The business provides the best benefits of your business grow without your presence.

Conclusion of job vs business

So you can find your choice between job and business. But when you choose your career you need to keep points those we discussed above.

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