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work from home jobs and online jobs without investment

as we all know that jobs from home become a trend now, there are lots of people who do their work sitting in their homes. we collect work from home jobs and online jobs without investment for every one how want to work from home.

we see that some of the very talented women are who leave/forgot her talent because of her children, husbands, etc. so in this blog, we will discuss some of those jobs which is done by anyone, from anywhere, and anytime.

as we all know this generation is a technological generation a 10 years child was an expert on mobile phones. we will have to find a way by which we have done our jobs only from sitting in our homes.

some jobs which you do from home

1. Freelancer:-

it was the best way by which you can earn lots of money at some time. freelancers are really self-employed person who works for anyone by taking money.

this is the best job which you can do online because your identification and privacy will not be a leek, anyone will do this work who have a good knowledge of computers and some other topic like, Webdesign, software development, typing, PowerPoint, data entry etc.

a house will also do this work very easily, by giving some of her efforts and time to this work. i want to share some of the experiences of housewives near me , one housewives will earn more than 250000 to 400000 per/month.

some of freelancing sites where you will work:

  • Freelancer.com
  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Toptal
  • Skyward
  • Guru
  • Hireable
  • Nexxt

are some sites where you do freelancing easley and safely. you need to learn how to become a freelancer in india.

2. online teaching.

we all know that online study has become a trend now because we see that in lock-down when no schools, no coaching are open but the only thing which was run smoothly and fastly is online coaching.

this is also the best job for the housewives whose passion is teaching but due to some reason they can’t do it so, this is time to make their dream true.

they have two benefits from this job first they fulfill their dream and also earn and become self-dependent. this job is also best for college students who are self-dependent they do this work as a part-time job for their pocket money.

you only have to do in this job is that you will only have to start your youtube channel and post your study related video, and if you do not want to create a youtube channel then you also work for the online study institutes.

there are some sites where you can start teaching to make your dream true.

  • tutor
  • uteach
  • Udemy
  • tutor hub
  • buddy school
  • Chegg tutors
  • Vedanta

are some teaching sites where you can work as a teacher and earn money and fulfill your dreams.


Work From Home Jobs And Online Jobs Without Investment

so friends by telling this method of earning from home I also want to tell truth of this career option or a part-time job, minimally time taken to earn from this field is 6 to 7 months.

and you will also have to update your website on regular basis it is very important to earn from this career option.

but when your website is going to rank then you will earn millions from this work.

you only have to find your topic in which you are passionate to write and then you have to buy a domain and hosting and start your website and start writing.

you see after some months you will rank on google page and your account is full of money.

4. affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the process where an affiliate earn a few commissions on referring and marketing of another’s company products.

you can sold the products in so many ways like you can sell the products on Instagram, watsup , Facebook, blogging sites/website etc. you can also sell the products on youtube by creating your youtube channel.

it is also a easiest ways to sell and earn income in less time . and make your dreams true.

5. social media.

is you know that you can also use social media for your income, we all use social media it becomes too much common in this generation we all have we have thousands and millions of fans/followers in it.

now the point comes how we can earn from social media so the answer is that you can see that the celebrities will advertise products on their social media handle. why they do this they all do this because to earn money from advertisement.

now you all starts think that they are celebrities they all have millions of follower on social media. and on other hand, we are commoners we do not have that, many fans following like them so you don’t worry you will have at least 3000 to 6000 fans your social media to deal with any brand.

6. earning from apps.

you may here about earning from the app. but you don’t know how to earn from apps, what are those apps. so I will tell you about how to earn from apps.

different apps have different ways of earnings some apps will give you money from referring, some of the apps will pay you when you play games on it. etc and a lot more.

so you can earn money from apps if you want to know more about apps earning the you can read a post on earning apps.

7. Youtube

it has now become a trend many people use the platform of youtube for earning. but how you can start earning from youtube as easier. so if you have a good knowledge in any field like in the field of gaming so you can record your gaming video and share it on youtube and earn money.

if your interest is in cooking then you have to make a cooking-related video channel and earn from there.

you have to only give your regular updates in youtube channel and you can see that your channel is going to famous and in some time you can start earning money.

this is the best earning source in my point of view.

8. income from writing work

you can also earn money from writing work, you only have to in this is you only have to write some articles/blogs for the blogger’s website.

and for that they will pay you. you only have to give your 2 to 2:30 hours for a one post and you can earn 500 to 900 for a post. it will depends on your writing skills. and your creativity.

it is also helpful of the housewives who wants to earn money by working some hours.

9. language translation

if you are well known about two or more languages then it is the biggest advantages of your’s because for the language translation there are many people who gives 5000 to 15000 for one page language translation.

so if you are well known about two or more languages then you will earn too much amount of money. you only have to do is this you have to translate a letter from its original language to that language which was wanted by the person who gives the work to you. and send it to then.

10. data entry

it is the best and easiest way to earn money in this job you only have some knowledge in. office excel, ppt, and basics of computers not more.

there are many people who make this job as a career option because it will gives you more money then a normal job you will earn 50000 to 60000 from the working of only 5 to 6 from home.

it is the best and easiest job you will start till now there are many companies which is in search of the data entry operator.

you only have to do in this job is you can write/print all the rough data of the company, into the computers. not anything other.


this all jobs (work from home jobs and online jobs without investment) which are provided above are the best jobs which you can start today and earn money very easily. there are so many more jobs which you can do online from your home. comments us to know more jobs about.

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