smart study tips: how to do smart study for better result

smart study tips
smart study tips

If you are a student then you should need to know about smart study. you should know how to do smart study and get better result in exams.

If you don’t know about about smart study then don’t mind. In this article we try know how to do smart study as well as smart study tips those help you in smart study.

smart study is a way to do study for very short period of time and get good result. means study do for short period of time and get good amount of knowledge.

smart study is a way to do study for very short period of time and get good result. means study do for short period of time and get good amount of knowledge.

smart study tips

So we will tell you all the tips by which you do smart study and get good result in your exam result.

1.Take small breaks in study time

If you want to do smart study then you need to take breaks in your study time. this break time wiil be between 5 to 10 min only.

In other words if you study 5 hours, then you take a break after 50 min study for 10 min. Like this you take 5 times break in your 5 hours study time.

10 minute break help our mind to get recharge for next 50 min study. In this break time you will be do any work.

2.Study in a very silent area

For doing smart study you need to choose a best place for study. On this study area need very silent. Silent helps your mind from distraction as well as focusing on one thing.

In smart study your mind learn many things very fast. So there is any small sound or distraction Hindrance mind to do fast study.

3.Read as your choice subject

For better smart study need your mind take interest on study at those time when study.

So if you have a best time table but your mind don’t ready to study a subject at that time when according to your time table you need to study subject those mind not want to study.

At this situation you do not study well. So smart study tip is study those subjects that your mind want to read.

4.Read what is important

If you have no more time in exam. then this smart study tips help you to do give best exam and get good result. Study only what is most important. In exam all the topics of a subject not come. As well as some topic is most important because in every year exam paper question mention related to this topic.

5.Take good food

This is also a tips for smart study. Take healthy food. those foods which simply digest as well as give more energy for long period of time. This type food help you spend more time in your study. This type food also help mind and body to get required energy. Then your mind and body become healthy.

6.Get required sleep

For Better study one more rule you need to follow. This rule is get required sleep. Sleep is every important for all creatures live one this earth.

Sleep help our mind to get boost for next day study. You need to sleep approximate 8 hours per day.

7.Become Productive

For Smart study you need to become productive. Some students spend whole day in study but they have know any good result. this is due to this students are not productive.

8.Do not study after eating food

Do not study after eating food. After eating food our mind and body become lazy. This is natural process.

After eating our stomach digest food and for food digestion stomach need energy. Due to this our body become lazy for some time.

9.Keep a note when you study

Keep a note when you study
Keep a note when you study

Keep a note when you study. this is very best and important tip of smart study.

When a student study that time in student mind come many other topics like give call mother, tomorrow is friends birth day. this types of topic distract from study.

To avoid it we recommend students to keep a note when they study and write all unnecessary thoughts in the note. this help mind to get relax fast.

10.Make per day plan

For smart study you have a plan. this plan covers whole day activity. creating plan students organize whole day as well as mind have a signal for study time. So mind prepare for study that time.

Another benefit of day plan you save your those time will be go in unproductive activity. Make next day plan when you go to sleep.

At the end

We share you some secrets smart study tips.This tips help students to do study very well and get good result by smart study tips.



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