small business ideas for women in India

Business Ideas For Women
Business Ideas For Women

Today, women are equal to men in all fields. Nowadays women compete with men in all fields.

The statement “women cannot able to run a business” is not right. Now present time many women start their business and run the business successfully. If we give you the list of women businessman is too long.

Now we give some top 10 best business ideas for women. This businesses woman can start very simply from their home. On list of business ideas for women, some businesses can start online and some start offline.

before start your business you should know which is best for you between job vs business.

Become a freelancer

today approximately 46-49% of companies like (80%) to hire a freelancer as compare salary based worker. this is due to freelancers is based on pay on the project.

A freelancer is a skilled person in a particular field. This person does work for a company/person from home and for its takes money.

India is the largest freelance market, with 10 million people freelancing. So this is so good for business ideas for women. For more knowledge about freelancer you read our post on how to become a freelancer in India.

Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing business for women
Fashion Designing business for women

As a woman, you can do business about fashion designing. In the fashion designing business, you can design cloth, handbags, a T-shirt and many more materials.

In fashion designing, you can redesign a design. You can start a fashion design business online. There is a lot of websites available for fashion design.

In offline you make designing for other business product or for your business.


You can start a business of tuition. Today the demand of education is increase. The rate of student is increase curvy per year.

Many Children Need Tuition for Better Study. Their Parent Wants That His Child Join Tuition. You can full fill this demand by starting tuition class. You can start this business by your own home.

Buying & selling old Goods (product)

On present time this types of business grow fastly. Many people have products (goods) those they not use. On other way many people need these goods.

So, you can start a buying & selling old goods (product). You can buy any old products by and any other company. If you have a creative mind then you can modify this product and you can sell it on, and many other websites.

Homemade chocolate and cake.

Homemade chocolate and cake women business idea

Now every people want to eat chocolate and cake 100% fresh and neat and clean. If you have knowledge to how make chocolate and cake. Then you can start this business from your home or from bakery.

If you have no idea about how to make chocolate and cake then you can learn it free on

After make chocolate and cake you can sell it to the shopkeeper and take payment or if you start your own shop then you can sell homemade chocolate and cake directly customer.

Pickle & Papad making business.

Pickles and papads have become very famous. Pickles and papads are demanded in every household. But not every pickle and papad is made. Pickle and papad is a very good business especially for women. This business is growing very fast in every city, town and village. You it can start comfortably within 10,000. If you do not have money, you will also get a loan from the bank for this work.

If you pay attention to reasonable prices and good quality, then your business will run very well and you can earn a lot of money. For example, in today’s time, the famous Lijjat Papad business started in 80 and now it has crossed Rs 800 crore.

Sell products on e-commerce site

The growth of e-commerce sites/platform is very very fast. To Amazon is a top e-commerce site. E-commerce sites have no their own product. E-commerce sites the product is third party company/person.

For sell a product on e-commerce platform. We give you two options to generate a product to sell on e-commerce sites.

  1. If you are able to create a product then this is very good.
  2. If you are not able to make a product then you select a local product. Firstly you buy the local product after it if you want to modify it on it you done it. Now your product is ready to sell on e-commerce sites.

Create your own digital products or courses

On this time the demand of digital products or courses is very-very high. This is due to in digital products or courses buyer can access anytime and anywhere.

So, if you have good knowledge about a particular felid or subject. Then you create your own course and sell it digital platform.

The example of digital product is (E-book). If you can create digital products or courses then you can sell course on udemy and product on your own website.


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