Business ideas in India best to start without investment In 2020


(Business ideas in India)India is the seventh-largest country by area in the world, the second-most populous country, and the most populous democracy in the world.

Starting a business in India is a good idea for growing business and help people daily life by the business.

Many businesses are being started in India. Many businesses become more successful and some business becomes unsuccessful.

This all is happening by only some reason like not good Business ideas in India, not the passion for a particular 50 business idea in India.

In this time India is changing from physical business to digital business. This is due to many consumers come digital.

Business ideas in India

Lets here we give you the best Business ideas in India. This all business is best for everyone and anyone can start this and grow this business.

In this, all business ideas don’t need to invest money. In the business list, anyone can start it without zero investment.

1.Decoration Business Ideas in India

India is called a country of festivals, many festivals come in a year. After the festival, there are many festivals such as the birthday of a family member, marriage and many more.

So this is a good opportunity for Decoration Business Ideas. If you are the start a business for decoration a house at the festival, birthday. So you can earn a good amount of money for decoration.

The special thing about this business is that you do not need to invest much in it. The demand of this business is going to increase day to day. This business is suitable for those how to have a creative mindset.

2. Home tuition

In India, people interest an increase in education. People want that people can give a good education to their children.

Many children need tuition for better study. Their parent wants that his child join tuition. Or some parents want a teacher to come at their home and teach their child.

Therefore it is a good opportunity for offline business start-ups. If you have a piece of good knowledge in a particular subject. Then you can start it. The golden point is that you first start teaching students offline and see the response and growth of the students taught.

If you give a good education to your students, then you can start this business online. In online you can teach an entire global student at that time.

For online teaching, you have many options, like create a YouTube channel, and create a course and sell it on your own website or another famous website like udemy.

3. Pet care


People in India keep pets like cats and dogs in every household. But if someday the pet owner has to go somewhere for some work. They want anyone to be able to take care of their pet for some time and they are prepared to pay any amount.

The trend of this demand is the increase per day. This is a good opportunity for you if you love pet animals and you enjoy to care about pet animals.

For this business, you do not need to invest a large amount of money.

4. Medical sample collection


It is good business for everyone on how to pass class 12 and above. For this business you need to improve some skills examples inject injection, taking blood samples from the body.

At this time everyone wants the blood sample taker to come to their house and take the blood sample from there.

5. Event Management

In our life, many events come, like birthday, Marriage, Big and Small Occasions, and many others. In Such a Situation, we not able To Do All the Work for The Event Themselves, the solution is to hire an event manager.

So this is a golden opportunity for those how to have a creative mind. At the start, you don’t need to invest money. First, you will arrange event to the client’s homes and create your good profile.

After collecting a good amount of money you able to open an event management business. This business grows fast and for it, you hire a worker.

6. Security camera installation

Security-camera installation-business-ideas
Security-camera installation-business-ideas

Everywhere security is taken seriously. From small shopkeepers to big malls, there are ready to spend money on security. The security is two types of first security by man and second is technology security.

The best Security is technology security, like install the camera.

All shop or business owners want to install a security camera to view all the work from one place.

In this business, the demand is high. If you start this business then you do not need to learn more technical ideas. If you are afraid of some technical things, then you can hire someone who has good knowledge of technical things for this job.

7. Real Estate Services

People want to buy houses, buildings, and land for their purpose. But people do not have good tips and tricks to buy a good property. People need an assistant to buy a good property.

In this business, you do not need to spend money. In this business, you only need to know the location of this property on sale, and the selling price of the property.

You charge both party buyers as well as the seller. This business grows fast in India. In this business, you always win. If buyers do not take a particular property you suggest this buyer second property and also suggest much more property.

8. GYM/yoga classes

Today everyone wants to healthy their body as well as mind. For a healthy body people go to gym and for a healthy mind, people need to go, yoga classes.

So this new opportunity to starting a business. In this business, you need to invest some amount of money to buy equipment for the gym. On the other hand, if you have knowledge of yoga starts a yoga class. If you no know yoga you can learn yoga from YouTube free videos.

The demand for Gym is increasing fastly in all areas however village or city. But the demand for yoga is an increase in the city’s fast compare to the village.

So if you from the village then you should start a gym business in the village because in the village the demand for the gym is more than yoga classes. You can fastly grow your business in village.

9. Aquariums & fish shop


In this business, you need to invest some amount of money. This business needs to buy some trends species of fish and Aquarium.

This business can start by taking a shop on rent. Or also start this business from your house.

In this business, you can sell Aquarium, water filter, heater for fish.

10. Travel services

This is one of the best small businesses as well as large businesses. The trend of travel is increase day to day. Indian people on average travel 3 to 5 times in years.

The trend of travel and travel business increases in other countries.

For start this business you do not need to spend on this business. You can start it as the mediator between travels to business. For a given traveler to business, you can charger from the business.


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