Home based Jobs and business without any investment in 2020

A lot of people are looking for side business idea or Home based jobs nowadays. Working from home has many benefits and also there are several opportunities.

Who doesn’t wants to earn more and work remotely, whether you are student or any other person who is just looking to earn pocket money online or whether you are you are an employee who is not satisfied with his income and wants to earn more for making your life much easier, and as the world is getting more and more digital with each passing years. It has created a lot of oppurtunity to work from home or remotely and earn a very good income.

As the corona virus (Covid-19) was declared as pandemic, business across the globe shutdown their offices and transitioned their employees to remote work ,now a large no of population is already searching for the job which they can do from home itself.

So in this blog, we’ll try to cover the most relevant jobs which you can do from home and very handsome amount of money .Let’s get started..



   The first and foremost Home based job I would recommended you is Freelancing Writer. If you have a good writing skills and intrested in writing then it is one of the best Home based for you. More than ever, Writers are needed to formulate news, articles, create content and come up with creative ideas that fill the pages nearly every site on the internet

some of the best sites that enables freelancers to look for both part time and full time work and they are as follows:

  • UPWORK– Writer can bid on projects that  are short term or long term arrangement. This site is easier for experts to use but it doesn’t mean that entry level Writers shouldn’t use the site.If you are just starting out you’ll need to be patience .When you logged into Upwork. Scan quickly through the listed jobs checking for other relevant keywords that client have used to describe what they are looking for, Write down every skill that seems important and relevant to your niche.
  •  IWRITER– It is one of the best freelancing sites that makes finding potential clients easier for beginners. To join, you’ll need to fill out a form and complete two short 250-word writer prompts. Depending on your results, you’ll be able to select from writing jobs and start gaining new clients.



If you know coding or web development then you are in high demand these days. That’s a fact. And knowing where to look and who to reach out to may be deciding factor on you landing an interview.

So Here are some of the best places you can find developer jobs online

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is more alive than ever, A report from January 31 2020 states that “LinkedIn continues to create economic oppurtunity for every member of the global workforce-every seven seconds someone is hitting on LinkedIn.

So In LinkedIn you have companies posting jobs, recruiters tweaking search criteria looking for candidates and staff from local business and Another best thing about LinkedIn is that you don’t have to post regularly, or really at all.

You can benefit from the platform for merely “existing ” there. Now how to start with LinkedIn ,first you need a very thorough profile, you need to include your location, your profession, past on history, education etc. These are important for employees searching candidate in geographic location, Look up good business matches in your area.


Monster.com is also one of the well known site for web developers. The most important thing with this site is you have to play the quantity game, Apply, Apply, Apply and hope for some sort of response. There are lots of option here but again play the quantity game. But don’t make this in your pipeline.


As the online business oppurtunities is growing day by day, no wonder that many hire virtual assistants to keep them organized and complete administrative tasks. Although virtual assistants job vary drastically, tasks can include composing and responding email, creating and distributing business related documents, responding to media and business enquiry, writing and creating content and more.

Virtual Assistants lets you make money while completing tasks remotely. There are many Virtual Assistants jobs, an it is also on the rise in demand giving its advantages over local hiring

Best websites to find Virtual Assistance Jobs


Fiverr is well known platform for finding Virtual Assistants Jobs .This platform is little different than any other, as you will be posting your availabiliity and the reason why you are the best candidate for Virtual Assistants Jobs.

Getting started is free and you will get a notification when someone is interested in hiring you. None the less, you set your own price and can add addons, if you have multiple skills


Upwork is one of the most popular freelance job website. Here first of all, you need to create a profile to become a virtual assistant, then you will need to set up your profile and then biding on buyers post related to visit project. When a buyer accepts your bid and hires you then you will become a Virtual Assistant.

Some other Websites you can check is FREELANCER.COM,GURU,AMAZON MECHANICAL TURK.


A Transcription takes recorded audio from meeting, interviews, or simple dictation and turn them into readable text. It is an online typing job so it works best if you type fast.

Transcription make around $15 to $30 per hour, but this what it comes out to using the average human typing speed. If you can type fast, you can earn more money.

Here are the companies which gives the best Transcription job

  • TRANSCRIBE ME: This is one of most famous and useful Transcription company. Just head to the Transcribe me registration page, fill out your information, You’ll be asked to go through a brief training program then to take an exam you’ll be given shorts chunks of audio to transcribe using style guideline and you’re in.

Another Transcription job is available on SCRIBIE you can check this out too.  


In recent times, online teaching has become popular because teachers are able to use platforms like sype, zoom, google hangout, for providing lessons.

Online tutoring might be the flexible and accessible option for many who want work from home.

So here are some of the websites you can check out

  • VEDANTU-This is an online tutoring company which teaches subjects like Biology, Physics, English, German, Sanskrit etc.

Once you submit the online application and pass the screening test, you will have to give a demo class. It provides training to the successful applicants.

  • TUTORVISTA-You need a prior experience and a Master’s to teach with this company. It teaches the subjects like English, Math, Chemistry, Biology and more
  • TEACHERON-With this platform, you can create a factor profile and students will choose the tutors according to their needs. 


voice over artist Home Based Jobs And Business
voice over artist Home Based Jobs And Business

If you sound good, lend your voice. The voices are everywhere, in ad,radio, Foreign and Indian films, T.V, e-books, podcasts, jingles etc. All u need is good, clear voice, Clear dictation, firm command over one or more languages and an ability to emote through voice.

Now how do voice over jobs pays?

According to Payscale.com, the average range for voice over talent is about $39.87 hourly. There is definetly potential in the voice over industry to make part time or even full time in income.

If you are doing Voice over work from home, you’ll need to invest money in some equipment. At the bare minimum, you should have 1.Microphone 2.Mic stand 3.Headphones 4.Software.

The websites listed below often have listing for voice over jobs from home:


Voices.com is one of the largest communities of talented actors, producer, and narratord online. As a member of this community you’ll have access to new voice over job posting daily.

You can sign up with a guest account for free on the voices. com, but they also have premium accounts that make it easier to find more jobs and get hired


Snap recording occasionally hires people to work from home doing voice overs. They are specialized in telephone greetings. You have to provide a demo reel before they will consider you .It is voice over recording for business telephone systems.


Filmless hires freelance voice over artists worldwide. Job description says having your own studio is ideal, but not require and also the listing say they prefer 5+ years of past voice work experience, pay information isn’t listed.

You can also check other Website like FIVERR,UPWORK,VOICE 123,VOICE CRAFTERS etc.


Blogging is one of the top online job which are in demand right now and If you write a blog about any topic you want there are many sites which can help you to do so.

Most blogging jobs pay per post(often around 300 to500 words) and have some kind of regular posting schedule $50 per post depending on how involved each post has to be.Some jobs also have and revenue sharing.There are some of the sites which can help you.


Problogger.net has the best marketplace for publishers and bloggers to connect. Darren Rowse pro blogging guru and co-founder of blog network has been teaching bloggers how to make money for years.

After choosing your blogging platform, you have to secure a domain name and get hosting in place with bluehost , then configure you blog, design your blog, start creating useful content that serves readers.


Freelance writing job is a blog whose aim is to help writers find writing jobs. Especially ones that pay a fair wage, multiple posts daily, including job sightings and helpful articles about freelance writing.


Contena is one of the best site for blogging and writing  professionals. It has powerful tools and proven training to launch your writing career, It has helped thousands of people to get started with writings

How does it work ?

When you activate your contena membership you receive access to all of the resources available, including a training program which will show you exactly how to buy membership.

It has 30 days free trial and after that if you are satisfied you can buy membership.


If you have great keyboarding skills, accuracy and the ability to work under deadline, data entry may be solid career to consider. Data entry professional use computers and data processing programs to enter information into database or documentation platform. They may also be required to transcribe data from recording or phone conversation ,while most data entry professional work electronically, paper documentation may be used as well.

According to payscale, hourly wages for data entry jobs range from $10 to about $17 per hour with the higher pay rates going to candidates with most skills and experience places you can find best data entry jobs.

Some sites where you can find data entry jobs easily:


One of the top freelance websites, Elance provides a great oppurtunity for data entry jobs. There are no of companies who are looking for best freelance data entry workers. If you work sincerely and with high accuracy, you can receive high rating from your job providers which can help you to get more data entry jobs.


Many of the people who want online data entry jobs choose Captcha entry work.If you have a good typimg speed then you can become a captcha entry worker and earn upto Rs 20,000+ monthly working part time. There are no of good captcha entry provider.

Some more place you can find data entry jobs:

  • INTERNET:You can search in Google or free classified sites like OLX, Quickr, etc for the direct company who can provide you the data entry jobs at your home itself.


So the resources are many and we had also tried to cover up most relevant one which can really help you out in choosing the best home based Jobs which you can easily do from your home. Now its all up to you to understand your ability and make the most of them. Although Internet already has no of people who are already in race to do home based Jobs and all, the competition may be tough but all you need to work hard, stay professional, have patience and do not give up until you make it.

So ALL THE BEST on your working journey of home based Jobs.

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