How to start an Online Business


In this modern era everything is online So why not a business. We have to update ourselves according to the time otherwise we have to face failure because the thing will never match our strategy and will be different from people’s needs. So how it will work. In this blog, we are going to discuss how to start an online business not only these but also Types of online business, How online business works in 2020, etc..

Have you ever heard about the case study of Nokia? In its initial time, the Nokia industry’s profit was on the peak. Because at that time there was no smartphone. But the time goes on Now the time for Android and IOS phones.  But Nokia decided that they will not update their mobile. As a result, Nokia has lost its credibility, profit from the market. After many years Nokia finally launched the mobile but that was too late. So it is one of the best examples that if you will not update from time then time will make it outdated to you.

So before going to online business. Let’s come understand What is mean by business.

The business has a simple definition ” It is a place where you have to sell you product, goods and services in exchange of that you get some profit”

But is it possible to online also? So the answer is yes, You can

There is the lot of thing you need to set up for online business

Decide your product that you are going to sell- The First and foremost thing for an online business you have to be very clear about your product and category. There are different categories of products. Like Beauty product, fashion category or related to studies, etc. The important thing that you have more attention to quality. Your quality matters you can only sell your once or twice if you have bad quality but if you have the best quality then it will give you long term profit. If you have under your production process than it’s in your hand about the quality but if you have the role of a mediator than make sure that product is good.

Don’t hire a developer for online work: In Initial time you don’t need to invest soo much just what you want to do start with yourself start learning about everything every skill. The initial stage of business is very crucial there are many people who have done the same mistake which is to invest very much. To be honest you don’t need to invest too much. There is nothing a big deal in operating an online business. So from our side, the advice is to start doing your self in starting after a lot of profit and a certain amount of time you can hire employees. The best part about this process that you will learn a lot of things and as a founder you know every work.

Do more you can do advertisement: Advertising plays a major role in business. It took up to your next level of business. It gives you people. Today there are a lot of big companies who are doing their advertisement because it has a great impact on people.

How advertising work?

It makes people aware of that particular product. It is like a brainwashed. There are two types of advertising the First is online and second is offline

In Offline you can do advertisements through banner, poster, and template. But it is not beneficial as a comparison to online. through Online you can do by social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter, etc. There are many websites that will do an advertisement for you in exchange for their respective charge.

Select your payment process: It Is important because in the last you are working for payment only but whatever happens it all happen on online so the question is how you can receive your payment without your physical existence. You can receive easily your payment from your country’s people but for another country, we personally recommended you to PayPal. PayPal is founded by Elon Musk. It is an app where you can do your payment easily from another country also

Fix the reasonable price for your product: You have to fix the reasonable price for your product. This means you have to study the market properly you don’t have to fix more or less. For Fixing the product price you have to find the total cost of product + your commission. This is how you can fix the price. Price plays a major role the price must be that everyone can buy effortlessly

Start Targeting People: Now this the last process of your online business. Everything is set only you have to do work on engagement. You have to promote your business as much as you can. The best thing you can do this here is collaboration. If you started collaboration then you don’t need to do too much thing because somewhere you get the chance to interact with their audience and if your product is best so easily your business will become successful. You can also target from Facebook or other social media.  You need many skills also which can help you to interact with people like communication skill etc.

So above there are ways to how to start an online business/ process online by step by step.

Now lets us discuss about the types of online business

TOP 10 online business?

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best online business. Where you have to play the role of mediator and sell the product in exchange that the company has to pay you your commission.

Here are the Top 7 Affiliate Programs which are:

  • Amazon Associates
  • Fiverr Affiliates Program
  • ShareASale
  • PartnershipStake
  • CJ Affiliate
  • ClickBank
  • eBay Partner Network


Blogging is one of the best online business where you just have to express your view, though, and perspective about anything. It is always on trending

If you want to become a professional blogger, So you have to write your blogs in such a way that after reading, people will feel that you are not speaking your blog but you are speaking your things in front of them.

App developer

An app developer is a computer software engineer making apps on mobile phones, computers, tablets, this includes testing it, and programming it. Nowadays everyone wants their own app. That app is only for their company. You can also be an app developer. It has a lot of scopes.

Top Mobile App Developers:

  • Right-point
  • Netguru
  • Cubix
  • Mercury Developer
  • Blue Label Labs

SEO Consultant

The company can easily update its information but they need at least that person who can operate SEO and took their website or videos on the top of the search engine. Everyone knows about blogging and video making but there are very rare people who know about SEO. So you can become an SEO Consultant it’s a good choice for you.

Business’s Consultant

A business consultant is one who analyzes the business of his clients, understanding his problems, and providing solutions. If you have enough knowledge and experience so you can guide other people who want to start there business.  Just you need to give advice and a full proof strategy to your clients.

Skills required in a good Business Consultant:

  • The ability to solve the problems
  • Business consultant have to be flexible
  • They have the ability to cope with pressure and the challenges comes in the future.
  • Analytical skills
  • Business consultants should always have fresh and innovative ideas for their clients.

Create courses

As we said it the time of the online era so mainly people like to learn online courses because they don’t have to visit anywhere. If you want to know the scope of online courses than you can take the example of udemy and other courses. If you want so you can start your courses also.


Clicking a photo is a hobby of many people, a good photographer is identified as a story or an incident in one of his pictures describes everything. if you are also passionate about photography you can make money from your photos. A photographer is also a good option for online business. There are many website who is selling their photos online. If you have an interest so must try at once.


You can start you, tuition classes, online. Just you have to make a proper video of that particular subject and then upload it on YouTube. Many students are like to study online. It has a big scope in the future.

Virtual Assistant

It is very easy to work. You just need to handle it all. the social media accounts and email by your computer. You have to assist someone with help of technology.

Web Designer

Everyone wants their website.  If you know to code than you can create a website for other people. You can deal with the whole world. There is also a free tutorial for web designing courses on digital Google garage.

Sell your own product

So the last one is just to sell your products. As simple as it sounds. There are many websites like Amazon, Flipkart where you can sell your product very easily. You don’t have to pay anything to the website and there are no additional charges for it what you want to do just upload your product and the rest of work will do their website


So we have to try to cover some topics just like what is an online business, How to start an online business and the top 10 online business what we had discussed above they all are genuine websites and business. Go with the flow of time and update yourself, try at least once every business, and find it which is best for you. So go for it.


Please tell us in comment according to you which one is the best online business and why??



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