How to start poultry farming business in india

How to start poultry farming business in india
How to start poultry farming business in india

The poultry farming business is related to animal husbandry. Animals are reared in animal husbandry. Animals such as cows, buffalo, chicken, etc. So that’s why poultry farming also comes inside animal husbandry.

Agriculture based business in India is growing very fast. There are many agriculture-based businesses that many people are doing and earning money. Agriculture based business is also called agri-business.

In poultry farming, chickens are reared. When these chickens become large, they are sold.

Why poultry farming business is a successful business?

there are many reasons for a poultry farming business is a successful business. the food is our basic need. everyone needs food for survival on earth. Many people like to eat non-veg at this time. Some people also eat non-veg to keep their body fit. The number of non-veg eaters was already very high, but at the time the number of non-veg eaters is increasing very fast.

We all know that we get eggs and moss through chicken. The number of people who eat eggs is very high. Many people include eggs in their food every day. Chicken’s meat is also eaten a lot. In every type of party, chicken meat is eaten with great fervor.

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 Is poultry farming a good business in India?

Is poultry farming a good business in India
Is poultry farming a good business in India

The poultry farming business is very good and successful business all over India. Poultry farming business is very fast expanding business all over the world and India. The poultry farming business is a good business for all farmers and those who like to raise animals or who do the business of animal rearing.

In other words, this business is a boon for those who are already doing business of animal husbandry.

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how to start  poultry farming business step by step

make your business plan

To do any type of business, a business plan is required. Similarly, when you are starting poultry farming business, then you should have a complete plan for poultry farming business. Without a business plan, you can commit many mistakes while starting a business and due to these mistakes you may face failure in poultry farming business. That’s why you first prepare a complete plan of poultry farming business.

Select the Poultry Sector

Poultry Farming is a very big business. Which has many types. There are two types of man in this business. The first is broilers. Broilers are chicken only. This chicken is reared for meat. This chicken is large and very thick. The second is layers. Layers are also chicken, but this chicken is capable of laying eggs. Layers are reared only for taking eggs from chickens.

Select Type Of Bird for Poultry Farming

Select Type Of Bird for Poultry Farming
Select Type Of Bird for Poultry Farming

There are many species of birds to do Poultry Farming. If your Poultry Farming is small, then you can grow one or two types of birds but if you have a large area of Poultry Farming, then you can also raise more types of birds.

We told you above that there are two types of main. One broiler and the other layers.

Set farm location

At this time, choose the location of your Poultry Farming. When you choose the location of your Poultry Farming, remember this few points. 1. Do not place your Poultry Farming at a place where there is already a lot of Poultry Farm. Due to this you may face many problems.
2. Take the location of your Poultry Farming at that place so that it takes a long time for your chickens to reach the market. And you take time from the new chicken market, due to the distance, you should not open your Poultry Farming at that location.
3. At the place where you and your business are in danger of some kind or another.

Invest Money

Now invest money in your business. By now you must have made a business plan. So according to your business plan, invest money on your business. You will have to buy some essential equipment. Such as drinkers, perches, incubators, heater or brooders, lighting system, feeders, and many more.

If you are short of money then you can also take a loan. In this business, you will get a loan very comfortably.

start your business

Now start your business. Starting a business means bringing chickens and raising them in their farm. The sooner you start, the more you will benefit.

#questions and answer

questions and answer poultry farming business
questions and answer

what is a poultry farm?

The poultry farm is the place where chickens are reared. These chickens are reared in poultry farms so that we can get meat and eggs from the hens.

How many types of Poultry Farming business?

If we get egg and meat from chicken, then there are two types of Poultry Farming Business main on this basis. One in which the hen is reared by which meat is obtained and the hen through which eggs are hatched.

Is poultry farm a good and profitable business?

yes, this is a good and profitable business in India. the demand of eggs and meat make this business more profitable.poultry farm is one of the fastest growing business in india.

How many eggs can a layer lay per day?

the layer is a species of chicken. the layer is reared to lay eggs. layer The hen lays 1 egg a day. layer hen lays eggs at a specified time every day. The layer does not lay eggs for about 7 days after laying 15-20 eggs.

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